Lead Track Manager

Lead Track Manager adds PDF417 bar code output to a variety of conference credential formats printed by Registration Manager. The bar codes can be scanned by PDF417 bar code scanning devices. With this combination, ICM delivers an identification solution that is easy, quick, portable, and inexpensive to use. Two-dimensional bar codes are becoming the preferred identification strategy among conference and expo organizers who want to supply lead tracking services to exhibitors or verify session attendance for professional certification.

  • Fully integrated with Registration Manager
  • Choice of credential formats that combine PDF417 bar coded ID cards and tickets with name badges and receipts.
  • High capacity bar code symbol contains over 600 characters of information about attendee
  • Works with most HP or HP compatible printers.
  • Prints on standard, sheet fed paper stocks (not special order continuous form label stocks)
  • Default bar code content and format compatible with properly configured scanner / data storage devices
  • Bar code placement managed by Crystal Report Writer allows quick adjustment
  • Bar coded credentials are easy and inexpensive to mail or to replace
  • Prints bar coded credentials in batches (alpha order by last name) or one at a time

Unlike other 2-D bar code generating applications that require special thermal printers and continuous form paper stocks, Lead Track Manager works with Hewlett-Packard Windows 2000/Vista print drivers for most current HP or HP compatible LaserJet and inkjet printers (typically, HPIII or higher, non-postscript). That means lower costs and quicker turnaround for paper stock production, easier access to compatible rental printers in major markets around the world, and no need for specialized technical knowledge about thermal printer support.

ICM used Crystal Report Writer to create the bar coded credential formats so that you can modify them yourself. If you want to change the placement of the bar code symbol or other fields in one of the standard formats and you have a current license for Crystal Report Writer, you can use the graphic interface to drag the bar code or field to a new location. Custom format programming services are also available from ICM.

Registration Manager must be installed to operate Lead Track Manager.