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Online Event Management and Registration Software 
The Event Manager Systems delivers a robust suite of online event management software that will help you to plan and operate events in ways that you have previously only imagined. This industrial capacity system leads in delivering value combined with performance.

The Powerful Features of Event Manager Software

event registration software delivers full featured registration, housing, interaction with external customers or prospect data, bar code driven tracking, credit card authorization, budgeting, email broadcasting tools, web based surveys, exhibit management, and more. Each function is encapsulated in a module, and the modules are available in different combinations to suit your needs. Boost your productivity by taking advantage of the whole set of tools or start with just those modules that apply to your immediate requirements. Today, any organization can afford to have the same dynamic web presence and processing capacity used by conference industry leaders.

The event software we offer today is the culmination of over 25 years of continuous development shaped by real world demands.
  • Options for fully integrated on-line registration & housing
  • Enjoy unlimited access to your data with no transaction fees
  • Interface with member or employee data
  • Authorize credit card transactions in real-time
  • Control your data on your web servers
  • Authenticate logins against customer or employ database
  • In-depth accounting & inventory controls
  • Fine grained security management
  • Data export & exchange options
  • SQL Server performance and reliability
  • Robust onsite registration options
  • Intuitive design wizard enables non-technical users to create on-line registration forms that are immediately available to the Internet and dynamically interactive with the event database
  • 220+ reports with option to add your own custom reports
  • Scalable to support call centers
  • Mature product line with proven track record

The Registration Manager module is the core module in the registration software suite. It contains participant contact info, the accounting engine and the report engine, and acts as a hub in sharing attendee data with all the other modules. To Registration Manager module you can add any combination of other modules to fit your processing requirements.

Affordably Priced Event Registration Software
Save money today by purchasing a license to install this pure-web application on your server(s). We offer this event software with affordable options for every budget. License fees for the Registration Manager module start from just $4,900.  The other 12 modules in the suite are less expensive.  Our license fees depend on the combination of modules you install and the number of concurrent administrative user seats you require.  We are happy to give you a quote with no obligation.

Each module is designed to make you more productive. It’s time to retool to meet your competitors’ challenges, the efficiency goals of your organization, and the rising expectations of your attendees. ICM has the right solutions for you.