Professional Room Block Management Tool
The new Hotel Manager is a professional room block management tool with an intuitive interface, industrial strength capacity and sophisticated features. The system manages small, single property blocks or city-wide inventories, enabling the user to define an unlimited number of hotels per event and an unlimited number of room types per hotel. Each room type is defined with a separate price structure, description, and starting inventory per night of the block. As a room is sold, the nightly inventory of the room type confirmed is adjusted for the dates of the transaction. Portions of the room block may be set aside from general inventory as a sub-block under the control and guarantee of a group leader. A variety of reports, confirmations, and invoices can be generated. It is so tightly integrated with Registration Manager that the two applications link to the same name and address records, and share common accounting ledgers, reports, and work areas.

Expanded Features & Functionality

  • Manages single property or city-wide inventories
  • Define unlimited number of hotels per event and an unlimited number of room types per hotel
  • Sub-block management with variable inventories per night within the same sub-block
  • Assign background colors to room availability grid to highlight peak nights, minimum stays, or rate differences
  • Tracks multiple bookings per guest
  • Manages multiple events simultaneously
  • Room types may have different room rates per night of the week which allows for variable room rates within the same reservation (a helpful feature for gaming and resort destinations)
  • For each room type at each hotel, the system maintains a cumulative history of original inventory, adjustments, bookings and current availability
  • Roommates can have arrival and departure dates that are different from the lead name’s
  • Fixed or variable cancellation mechanisms
  • Insightful, graphical report library
  • Informative confirmation statements integrate registration, hotel and accounting transactions
  • Detailed price point breakdown of room rates
  • Check-boxes track special requests
  • Check digit testing applied to credit card’s
  • New Availability and Inventory Lookup grids
  • Email confirmations
  • Set Default Hotel, Room Type, Arrival Date and Departure Date to speed data entry
  • Cross-referenced roommate reports
  • Hotel specific confirmation text
  • Registration & membership integration


The new Hotel Manager dominates the competition with sophisticated functionality in sub-block request, sub-block allocation and sub-block management functionality. With new enhancements of time-tested favorite features, ICM’s new Hotel Manager raises the standard for housing managers.