Survey Manager

Survey Manager

Survey Manager enables you to define professional looking, online surveys from scratch using an intuitive set of tools.  You can also copy an existing survey or you can build surveys from components that you store in your Library.  Once your surveys are in place, you can email invitations containing hyperlinks that jump the respondent to the correct survey form.

Your surveys can contain a nearly unlimited number of questions laid out across any number of pages. Formatting options include formatted text, headers, images, colors, and hyperlinks. Graphical and statistical reports aggregate responses.  There are over 10 different question types available to use in building a survey, including:

  • One Choice – drop down menu
  • Multiple Choices – checkbox
  • One Choice – radio button
  • True/False
  • Yes/No
  • Comments box
  • Rating Scale (Numeric)
  • Constant Sum
  • Open end: number
  • Open end: date
  • Ranking

The template feature allows you to define a standard look and feel that you can apply to a new definition of a questionnaire and speeds the process of setting up a complex set of surveys. You can apply scoring features to questionnaires so that they function like self-scoring tests. Point values can be associated with questions that have predefined values.

Conditional navigation features can be applied so that the module dynamically exposes or hides each page in a multiple page survey based on responses entered in previous pages. By default, all respondents see all pages.

Survey Manager can integrate with the Registration Manager module, and at the minimum Registration Manager must be installed in order to operate Survey Manager.