Appt Manager

Appointment Manager

Appointment Manager is an online one-to-one appointment scheduling application that goes beyond the traditional exhibit format. It allows attendees at your event, trade show or conference to self-schedule one-to-one sessions with people they want to meet, or those who want to meet them. Private meetings provide more personal contact which fosters intimate networking opportunities. This means real business for your attendees.

Attendees Request Appointments, the System Schedules Them
You set the stage for this with Appointment Manager. You prearrange their meeting timeslots and then allow them to request appointments with people who interest them. Optionally, you create surveys that each participant completes in order to define who they are, what they are seeking and what they have to offer.  Participants can review each others survey responses in order to guide their meeting requests. Our innovative technology enables you to match buyers and sellers, executives and consultants, candidates and recruiters—any pairings of mutual interest.  These tools and methods help you to prearrange meaningful, business-producing sessions for your attendees.

Powerful Administrative Tools
Attendees can justify the cost of attending your event because they know ahead of time who they’re going to meet. Appointment Manager provides automatic scheduling algorithms, ranking mechanisms and other scalable features that can manage 50 or 5000 appointment participants. With a powerful set of administrative tools, your onsite service desk manages last minute adjustments, gives priority scheduling to top sponsors or reschedules cancellations. Informative reports display scheduling activity at summary and detailed levels.

Delivering Value
Your delegates stay keenly aware of your event and your brand because they participate in the pre-event process. And to enhance the sense of community and facilitate continued interaction, survey responses can remain accessible to password-enabled registrants for extended periods after the event. Your event delivers not only business opportunities, but insights into short and long-term business objectives. Think of the value this adds to your event catalog.

Event participants always gauge the success of events by the contacts they make and the leads they develop. Appointment Manager gives you the tools that add to this equation. Your participants know that your event will be a success even before they arrive onsite. This contributes to client satisfaction, swifter word of mouth and a competitive advantage for your event. Set the stage for decision-makers to take care of real business with ICM’s Appointment Manager.