Profile Manager

Profile Manager links your member, employee, customer, or prospect data bases to become interactive with your conference registration processing from both the public and private sides of the site.  From the back office or private side of the application, you can import an invitee's name record from the Profile table with a single mouse click to populate a registration record.  When implemented in a public-facing web form, Profile Manager enables attendees to authenticate themselves through a Login page that is interactive with the names stored in Profile Manager, before gaining access to the online registration form.

Profile Manager can be configured in either of two ways:

  • It can receive a downloaded member, employee, customer or prospect data file; or
  • It can be tailored by ICM to directly view membership or prospect data that resides in other XML or ODBC compliant database elsewhere on your network rather than storing that same data internally. In this custom configuration, Profile Manager acts as a read-only (or read/write) periscope on name records maintained elsewhere in your network, giving you the ability to import address and demographic data from the source database directly into a conference registration record in Registration Manager. The nature and cost of the custom configuration required to accomplish this will be dependent on, among other things, the record layout, content and accessibility of the source database. If configuring Profile Manager to have direct access to an outside DBMS interests you, contact your ICM sales representative to discuss your requirements.
  • A name record can be imported from the source Profile table with a single mouse click to populate a registration record.
  • Permits password enabled group leaders to log into an affiliate group page from which they can register and manage their groups.
  • When ever a name record in Profile Manager registers for an event, the system automatically logs an entry into a history table.  You can view each invitee's history, or query it with reports.
  • Among other things, the history table prohibits the same person from booking more than once into the same event.
  • Tracks up to three addresses per name: home, business and HQ addresses.
  • The system automatically date-stamps each record update.
  • Five user defined fields record your codes or identification numbers.

Registration Manager must be installed in order for Profile Manager to operate.