Registration Manager is the core module in the Event Manager Systems. It contains the accounting engine, the report engine with a large report library, and an impressive list of standard features.  It integrates directly with and leverages all the other modules in the suite. The system manages multiple events simultaneously, allowing you to define an unlimited number of registration categories and optional activities per event with inventory caps and date sensitive fees. When you enter a new registrant record, the other modules are automatically interactive with the new record.  License fees for the Registration Manager module start from $4,900.

Robust Features 
Registration Manager has professional features and capabilities that make it a benchmark in the industry for power and sophistication.

  • Over 225 reports in library
  • Graphical report interface with friendly query builder
  • Most reports have options to export to DOC, PDF, RTF, and XLS file formats
  • Unique tools that enable non-technical users to create public facing web forms that are branded, attractive, and automatically bound to the database
  • Public facing web forms dynamically change content and instructions in order to offer only appropriate choices and instructions to each type of registrant
  • Over a dozen confirmation templates
  • Registration category specific text in confirmation letters
  • Prints badges, activity tickets, invoices and smart, context sensitive confirmation statements
  • Define date driven fees (early bird, regular and late rates) and date driven cancellation penalties for each registration category
  • Automatically emails confirmations in a variety of formats
  • System maintains four different historical logs for each and every registrant to date-stamp and document significant changes made to the contact info, activity choices, finances and sleeping room reservations of the attendee
  • Over 50 user-definable fields help you to capture unusual information
  • Package feature bundles categories with activities for quick, accurate processing
  • Define an unlimited number of discount codes expressed as fixed amount credits or percentage discounts from applicable registration category fees
  • System automatically calculates group discounts as delegation or group size accumulates beyond thresholds that you define
  • Multiple solutions for group management: internal and external, large and small
  • On-screen Help & video tutorials on the web
  • Define name badge layout and content
  • Choose from standard Avery label sheet formats when printing labels
  • Real-time credit card authorization in US Dollars, Euros and other major currencies through Credit Card Manager interfaces
  • Sophisticated accounting features
  • Integrates with Hotel Manager module so that different registration categories are associated with and eligible to book into different sleeping room categories and inventories
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) feature defines the framework of a new event throughout the event development and approval process, exports Word DOC files for distribution to prospective venues and vendors to solicit proposals, and converts into an active event once approved.


Mature Application and Main Stream Technologies
This newest evolution reinforces ICM’s reputation for industrial strength conference and convention management tools. With a methods and best practices tested through 26 years of development and as many generations, the Event Manager Systems of event management software delivers even more solid functionality that takes you far beyond plain vanilla features.

The Registration Manager development team includes Microsoft Certified developers with extensive experience in web applications.  The product is intended for installation on Windows 2008 servers 64bit with SQL Server 2008 R2 database 64bit.