Even though the Event Manager Systems delivers a robust set of tools that go well beyond satisfying most mainstream conference management requirements, our customers sometimes want to have a special feature added. It might be a favorite report format, a field that permits an unusual process, or an entirely new module embodying a business practice. We can make these modifications for you.

Custom modifications unfold in two phases. First, we develop the specification for the programming based on input from you. Part of the process is to adapt your requests to mesh with the existing system design and best practices. This spec development work is performed under the terms of a spec development work order.

The objective is to document the exact features that you want and the cost and delivery date for each. The deliverable from the spec development phase will be a modification work order that includes a fixed cost estimate and a more detailed technical spec to guide the programming. Once you approve the modification work order, then we begin the second phase in which our programmers perform the proposed work.