Ten Reasons

#1 Powerful Features, Easy to Use, Affordable Access
The Conference.com site delivers professional registration, housing and other event management features in an easy to use, intuitive format. Enjoy affordable access to industrial strength web capabilities. With no minimum subscription requirement, a Conference.com monthly mental account is the perfect solution for your short-term projects. Discounts are available for long term subscriptions.

#2 Data Ownership & Control

You pick the level of data ownership, configuration and control that’s right for you.

#3 Minimal Investment
License fees start from just $4900.  Minimize capital investment.

#4 Interchangeable Database
With ICM, data conversion is not a potential failure point.  Competitors offer “dumbed-down” data export options that lose important information and are awkward to manage.

#5 ICM Service Commitment
Our service commitment and extensive industry expertise backup the technology.

#6 Reduce IT Staff Costs
Full service options reduce your need for IT staff, and reduce your exposure to IT recruitment, cost and retention issues. You get improved performance from the IT investment you do make.

#7 Quick Implementation
We offer quick implementation. Your event can be on-line in hours.

#8 One-Stop Source
ICM's application is highly configurable.  We are your one-stop source for customization, support, hosting, and billing.

#9 Scalable for Growth
Immediately scalable for growth. Our price structure is scalable, too. If you have a high volume processing center, our solutions allow you to own your own infrastructure and avoid paying per unit charges.

#10 Predictable Fees
Inexpensive, predictable fees simplify budgeting. Our monthly invoices subtotal by event making it easy to allocate costs to different projects.